Adopting a Multi-Unit Mindset™ allows you to capitalize on the business skills honed during your corporate career but instead of making someone else rich, you unleash your unlimited growth potential and the financial freedom that comes with being your own boss.

“Taking time to discover your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals can help you learn whether you have a Multi-Unit Mindset,” said Terry Powell, Visionary Founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading career ownership franchise. “Our coaches work with people considering self-sufficiency. Our discovery process will provide insight for them to decide tackling more than one location of a business is part of their new career path.”

Traditionally, multi-unit operators own numerous locations in a certain territory and play a smaller role in day-to-day operations of each location. Owning more than one location can increase profits and mitigate risks through diversification.  Single-unit operators prefer taking an active role in daily operations and spending time interacting with customers.

Franchising Guarantees Scalable Business Opportunity

Franchising can help you achieve your Multi-Unit Mindset™. There are 43,212 multi-unit operators who run 223,213 franchised units in the United States, according to research from FRANData, a leader in the strategic analysis, forecasting and measuring of franchise performance. Multi-unit operators control 54 percent of all franchised locations.

There is even a magazine dedicated to just the needs of Multi-Unit Franchising Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine  and nearly 83 percent of quick-service restaurants are multi-unit operators, there are numerous options in the franchise arena that provide an opportunity to own multiple locations or multiple brands.

Scaling your business successfully is the only way to achieve your Multi-Unit Mindset. Franchising provides a roadmap to efficiently scale your business to achieve financial freedom. Scaling a new business on your own can be challenging. Only one in five businesses succeed in scaling their business, according to McKinsey & Company, a management consulting firm. To successfully achieve a Multi-unit Mindset, it’s necessary to maintain your performance standards in the face of increased market demand and production rates while conserving resources and revenue.

Franchising is a business built to grow efficiently. Franchisors strive to provide their owners with a business, not just a job. Franchisors have done the hard work of determining the best way to scale your business to fuel growth. They’ve established a proven plan for you to follow as you expand. They offer a solution for growth and the back-office technology to help you succeed.

Multiple Options to Grow

A Career Ownership Coach™ will help you discover your Income, Wealth, Lifestyle and Equity™ goals through a series of conversations to help you discover which type of Multi-Unit Mindset suits your vision. There are three categories of franchise owners with multiple units.

  1. Multi-Unit franchise Owner. A franchisee agrees to open multiple business units within a given area; over a period of time agreed to by one franchise brand. Multi-Unit franchisees leverage technology to oversee operations of multiple units from wherever they might be.
  2. Multi-Brand Franchise Owner. Experienced franchisees, with an ability to manage multiple business units, invest in additional franchise brands. Franchisees with multiple brands capitalize on local market awareness, available human resources, and extending market share.
  3. Area Developer or Master Franchisee. Legal agreements empower a person or group to take accountability for franchise brand expansion within a large territory.
We've identified seven different types of franchise owners, but Multi-Unit and Multi-Brand franchise ownership is certainly becoming a dominant force in franchising.
We’ve identified seven different types of franchise business ownership roles, but Multi-Unit and Multi-Brand franchise ownership is certainly becoming a dominant force in franchising.

Career Ownership Coaching™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source® can help you discover a path for your future. TES works with people going through a career transition to help them understand if they want to pursue another role in corporate America, start a business from scratch, or take an ownership position with franchising. TES can help you discover whether you have a Multi-Unit Mindset™. Our coaches use a personalized, educational approach to help people identify the best fit for their future at no cost.

To learn more about discovering your Multi-Unit Mindset™ get started with FranchiseMatch.com today, and be sure to select either Multi-Unit or Multi-Brand ownership roles on Step Three!