Steve Metzler, a Career Ownership Coach™ for The Entrepreneur’s Source®, recently helped a client Eric discover a new path to diversify his income and achieve financial freedom.

Eric spent more than 20 years holding various leadership roles in sales at foodservice companies, including a 17-year tenure for a gourmet snack and nut company in Cincinnati, Ohio. During his years of service at the snack company, he helped increase sales in the United States by more than 186%, including a 10% increase in 2020 despite the limitations associated with the pandemic.

Steve Metzler – Career Ownership Coach™ with The Entrepreneur’s Source

Eric found himself at a crossroads in his career. “My job was eliminated. I was the only salesperson in the United States and handled the bulk of their sales in the country. But bottom line, they could no longer afford to pay me. I had no heads up or warning,” Eric said. “It was then that I decided I could no longer put all of my eggs in one employer’s basket.”

Seasoned employees are struggling to navigate their careers in an unstable economy with a shrinking middle class. After years of dedicated service at a single company, many hard-working Americans are being downsized, right-sized, and cap-sized. Spending a career climbing the corporate ladder at one company is no longer a viable option. Baby boomers hold an average of 12.4 jobs during their lifetimes. Lack of job security is leading to Battered Career Syndrome®, where corporate workers are feeling battered and bruised from accepting new roles that do not match their skill set and offer little job security.

During his job search, Eric struck up a relationship with Steve through LinkedIn. The pair quickly built a rapport, and Eric decided to work with TES to discover a new path. TES uses a no-cost, education-based method of coaching to help people discover their Income, Wealth, Lifestyle, and Equity™ goals.

“TES has a well-developed process for coaching people in the exploration of alternative career opportunities,” said Steve.

Eric had toyed with the idea of business ownership at various points during his career, but he cast the idea aside because he didn’t think it was achievable. Career ownership coaching helped open Eric’s eyes to the possibilities available in franchising. Investing in a franchise allows business owners to operate a proven business model with training and support to succeed.

“Eric’s goal was to increase his wealth and equity by developing a revenue stream in addition to his sales leadership career. I looked for semi-absentee business ownership opportunities that could facilitate that,” said Steve.

While working with his Career Ownership Coach™, Eric continued his corporate job hunt. He landed a sales role at a candy manufacturer while exploring new possibilities. After reviewing businesses in foodservice and fitness, Eric and his wife was awarded a hair salon franchise for children. Eric plans to focus on managing back-office operations, and his wife will rely on her experience as a teacher to ensure customer satisfaction. The couple plan to keep their current jobs to ramp up their income.

“Eric wanted a business that would give him the ability to oversee an entity and direct an on-site manager to execute operations successfully. Eric has exceptional people skills along with analytical strengths,” said Steve.

Steve left a career in the insurance industry behind to help people go from employment to empowerment. He started his Career 2.0® with TES, the nation’s leading career coaching franchise, six years ago.

“My only regret is not having done it a decade sooner,” said Steve.

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