Earlier this month, our blog post titled “Do You Have a Multi-Unit Mindset” truly struck a chord with many visitors to FranchiseMatch.com. We are truly hopeful that article, and this one as well, might get a few more people to think about franchising as less about replacing an unsatisfying job or dead-end career and more about building genuine, generational wealth for their families. The right side of this graphic clearly presents the logic behind all franchises: If you have proven systems, a history of success and on-going support, why own just a SINGLE franchise unit or ONE franchise brand?

Do you posses a Multi-unit Franchise Mindset?

For those visitors who’ve recently completed our simple four-step FranchiseMatch.com process, step three is about Ownership Roles – how do you see yourself involved in a new franchise business. We ask visitors to select no more than three options from the seven we provide. While ten years ago, or more, the most common answer was owner-operator, over the past few years things have changed pretty dramatically. Our network of Career Ownership Coaches at The Entrepreneur’s Source are now working with more clients considering area development, multi-unit and multi-brand franchise opportunities.

While “Owner-Operator” may have been a popular choice a decade ago, more recently Franchise Match visitors are now exploring Multi-Unit and Multi-Brand franchise opportunities, thanks to a fresh Multi-Unit Mindset.

Given that our coaches work with thousands of adults each year seeking new career possibilities, especially as business owners, it might be tempting to say that this trend is something unique to The Entrepreneur’s Source. But according to an outside industry research group, FRANdata, multi-unit franchises are becoming much more common. While this “Multi-Unit Growth By The Numbers” study is a few years old now, it certainly documents the explosion in this sector of the franchise industry. With many categories identified, the average growth for Multi-Unit Operators (MUOs) from 2010 to 2018 was in excess of 25%.

It truly stands to reason – if you have confidence in franchise brand, and they are providing the systems, support and success you demand, why take on just one franchise unit or just one franchise brand? When you are ready to explore new opportunities in the franchise industry, click here to get started with FranchiseMatch.com today!