Technically in a Recession?

While the experts debate whether we are technically in recession or not the real question is less about macroeconomics and more about your personal career aspirations. If the looming economic forecast has your industry sputtering out words like Stagnation and Inflation, then the signs are clear there is a Recession Mindset™.

Recession Mindset™

A Recession Mindset™ is when you only see the risk and not the reward. When you let experts tell you what to think instead of doing your own due diligence. Don’t be fooled by the naysayers and fall victim to a Recession Mindset™. The fact is Entrepreneurship thrives during uncertainty. While the news on CNN, FOX, and MSNBC might be bleak, career ownership remains a great strategy to hedge against an unknown future. Not surprisingly, a recent report from the U.S. Census Bureau confirms it. According to a NPR report, at least 5.4 million small business applications were filed in 2021, up from a high of 4.4 million in 2020.

Monthly Business Applications from 2005 to 2022.

Weather Economic Downturn

So how do you best position yourself to weather another economic downturn? Investing in yourself and building wealth allows you to be self-sufficient or what we call “Career Ownership”. Career Ownership is when you take control of your future, you are intelligent and a lifelong learner, so why are you letting other people determine your fate?


Are you looking toward the impending economic recession with fear? Are you worried you are on shaky ground in your career and financial future?  Maybe it’s time you take one small step and explore building a future that is independent of the Wall-Street ups and downs of the economy. Many savvy Americans ride the Wall-Street driven “Investment Emotional Roller Coaster”. They are educated and affluent but not aware of all the finical vehicles, and this is where Career Ownership Coaching ® comes in. We help you, navigate uncertainty and create new paths and possibilities that you might have assumed were out of reach.

Maybe It’s Time?

A Career Ownership Coach offers several no-cost assessments to help shape your personal Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity goals. We welcome you to connect with a coach today. Simply complete the 4-step FranchiseMatch.com process and we will email you more information.
Enjoy your journey!