Every year, for the past 38 years, our Career Ownership Coaches from The Entrepreneur’s Source will work with thousands of adults who are considering a major change in their lives. An intentional improvement and investment in how they provide for themselves and their families. We frequently refer to it as a shift from “Employment to Empowerment” that only comes from franchise business ownership.

Since 1984, our coaching services have always been complimentary, but one of the most important assets that someone seeking our proven methods can bring to the table is an open mind. While it’s easy to say, it’s much more difficult to accomplish because we all have specific thoughts and ideas about what it means to be a successful business owner. For some of our clients, they are simply seeking a new career to replace an old career they are no longer passionate about. For others, they want to build a business empire that can be passed along to generations to come – something that is bigger than themselves. We call this a Growth Mindset.

This July 2022 article from Entrepreneur Media titled, “For First-Time Franchisees: Think Like a Multi-Unit Franchisee From the Start” is nearly the definition of a “Growth Mindset”. Frequently, when we begin working with new clients, they have a simple mission to put themselves into a new job or career as an owner-operator of a new business. But as our coaching methods take shape and the education on possibilities, options and dreams becomes a reality, we witness the start of a Growth Mindset for many. “If I can operate one of these franchise businesses, why can’t I manage three, or five or fifty?”

Do you think of franchising as a proven option to replace your job or do you see the possibilities beyond that of an owner-operator?

One of the most important steps within our FranchiseMatch.com process is step three when we inquire about business Ownership Roles. There are seven options to select from, but we encourage potential clients to select up to three of these roles. We are intentionally asking people to think about, “Why couldn’t I be a Semi-Absentee Franchise owner? Do I personally know any multi-brand franchisees?” Or maybe “what does it take for me to be a multi-unit franchisee”? What it takes is a Growth Mindset.

To learn more about a Growth Mindset and get started with your complimentary coaching session with an Entrepreneur’s Source coach, please spend two minutes going through FranchiseMatch.com today!