Are layoffs on the horizon at your workplace? Do you live in fear of being cut thanks to constant news stories about massive layoffs? Break the vicious cycle of corporate America life and open your mind to a brighter future by contacting The Entrepreneur’s Source®, the nation’s leading career coaching franchise.

Layoffs Climbing

Labor shortages and low unemployment numbers gave American workers the upper hand over the past two years. Despite the unemployment rate edging down this fall, fear of layoffs is rising. At least three out of every five workers do not feel comfortable asking their bosses for a raise, and 58% of workers believe their bosses have the higher ground, a new Harris Poll revealed.

In fact, nearly 50% of executives are reducing their headcount and streamlining their workforce, a study of 722 people conducted in August by Price Waterhouse Coopers revealed. Large corporations like Nordstrom, Gap, Amazon, and Credit Suisse all slashed their workforce in September. The cuts continued in October, with big names like Peloton, Hello Fresh, and Oracle announcing layoffs.

Many Wall Street banks are even reviving their traditional practice of making year-end layoffs before bonus season begins. They halted the practice during the hiring crunch over the past two years. Goldman Sachs planned to cut “several hundred” jobs in September, axing workers it labeled “low performers,” CNBC reported.

On top of financial concerns, getting laid off can cause anxiety, depression, and shame. The constant threat of layoffs and stagnant wages are taking a toll. Gone are the days when Americans could climb the corporate ladder at a single company. The average American spends only 4.1 years with the same employer, and the number decreases with younger generations. Millennials spend less than 2.8 years at a company before moving on to new opportunities.

Ready to eliminate the fear of corporate layoffs forever?

Explore a New Path

The dark cloud hanging over white-collar workers often leaves people feeling battered and bruised. Battered Career Syndrome® is what happens when you are subjected to the frustration of turning to the next career path in the company you work for and then being downsized, right-sized, or let go. Career coaches for TES can help chart a new course and alleviate Battered Career Syndrome by opening your mind to different options, possibilities, and dreams.

TES coaches rely on an education-based, no-cost coaching solution. They start by helping people determine their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity™ goals. As they work with clients to discover options, they hold people accountable for their goals to find a path forward. TES helps people at a crossroads in their careers delve deeper to decide whether they want to take a new corporate role, start a business from scratch, or invest in a franchise.

Entrepreneurship Offers Hope

Many people let fear prevent them from following their dreams. Even though American history is littered with the success stories of famous entrepreneurs such as Andrew Carnegie, Charles Schwab, and Elon Musk, cutting ties to corporate America still seems risky to many people. Our approach emphasizes clarity as the end goal. We build confidence and give you the courage to strike out on a new venture by relying on education and information to eliminate your concerns and confusion.

Coaching Helps Eliminate Layoff Fears
If you are tired of living in fear of your company’s next round of layoffs, contact a Career Ownership Coach™ to learn more about entrepreneurship. For more information about TES, visit FranchiseMatch.com to discover new franchise business opportunities available in your area.