This past weekend, the world watched a return to glory for golf athlete Tiger Woods as he celebrated a Masters win, and his 15th major championship. After more than a decade of personal and physical struggles, Tiger celebrated with his kids on Sunday, just as his own father had celebrated with him two decades prior. But what does it take to accomplish a “Stirring Return” at the age of 43? We believe it starts with one word: Coaching.

Back in 2011, when times were not great for this international athlete, an excellent article was written called; Why Does Tiger Woods Need a Coach? While the article is excellent, the headline is a bit misleading. Even before going pro in 1996, Tiger Woods never had just one coach – he had, and still has, several coaches: He has a swing coach, and a putting coach, and a dietician, and a personal trainer and a physical therapist and many other professionals who have helped him return to form, despite celebrating many birthdays during that return.

Tiger Woods story on the importance of coaching.
Tiger Woods in 2011 -Photo by Angela George [CC BY-SA 3.0 (]

At the core of the article is an important message about ego. It’s common for our egos to tell us that “we can do it alone” – that we “know just as much as anyone else”. Our ego’s function to battle fear while protecting us from both physical and psychological dangers. The article concludes with this quote we find helpful for keeping egos in check:

If you want to achieve the dreams that are whispering to you behind your fears, surround yourself with people who have the courage to coach you, and always reach beyond your fear. You can’t do it alone — no one does.

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