Please join us, not only as a nation but as a global collective and wave a collective goodbye to the month that was April 2020. By most metrics provided by medical professionals, nearly all countries have “flattened the curve” and within a few weeks our “new normal” will start to take shape within the United States. Across dozens of states this month, restaurants will start to serve food inside instead of curbside, doctors will begin to see patients that aren’t dealing with flu symptoms, and factory workers will return with more personal space than they’ve ever experienced before. Even our 401k retirement accounts might actually start to look a little less anemic.

But are we all ready to simply return to the same income and employment uncertainty in this “new normal” or has the time finally come to seek the many benefits of business ownership?

According to this recent Insight Report from BizBuySell, the next six to nine months may offer “Once in a Lifetime” opportunities for business ownership for Americans;

“This is the opportunity of a lifetime for a well-positioned buyer, and if you already operate a solid, sustainable business, there is never going to be a better opportunity to grow your volume exponentially. This is especially true for B2B companies or those in the service sector where demand is going to be constant.”

Tony Calvacca, managing partner of The NYBB Group

According the graphics provided within the Insight Report published (shown below), and the Interactive Market Data available online, Q1 2020 was down compared to a few years prior but not as significant as 2016.

Closed Small Business Transactions as of Q1 2020 according to BizBuySell Insight Report.
Closed Small Business Transactions as of Q1 2020 according to
BizBuySell Insight Report.

Within the “Market Outlook” section of the report, we genuinely appreciate this quote they selected from American business tycoon and philanthropist, Warren Buffet:

Warren Buffett
“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

When you are ready to discover new opportunities that will become a viable part of our “New Normal” in 2020 and beyond, take Step One by visiting today.