Today, July 28th, we celebrate the 15 year anniversary of FranchiseMatch.com! What originated as “Franchise Search” back in 2008 was quickly shelved when we found a better way to connect people with a very exclusive “Discovery” process to match them to the right business. This proven coaching methods was started by Terry Powell, who founded The Entrepreneur’s Source back in 1984.

Since 2008, we’ve gone through many iterations of FranchiseMatch.com as you might expect. Our most recently mobile revamp was completed on June 1, 2023 and has truly helped hundreds of new clients across North America. Every year our network of Career Ownership Coaches, who are Entrepreneur’s Source franchisees, helped hundreds of other adults become franchise business owners, utilizing proven coaching methods and powerful new technologies, including FranchiseMatch.com.

Victor uses FranchiseMatch.com to discovery his new flood cleaning franchise!

Recently, someone shared this very special testimonial with us: A new franchise business owner who used FranchiseMatch.com to get started on his path to become a successful business owner! We hope you enjoy it and strongly encourage you to try Franchise Match out for free today by clicking here!