When it comes to coaching adults on discovering ideal business possibilities, one thing typically stands in the way of our success: predisposition. People visit FranchiseMatch.com, or call one of our 130 Entrepreneur’s Source Career Transition Coaches located throughout North America to ask about one particular franchise opportunity or company brand. And more often than not, that requested brand (a) isn’t financially viable, (b) isn’t available in their geography or (c) isn’t ideally suited for that client’s overall goals or objectives. Often our coaches will ask their clients to keep an open mind through the coaching process and to look at possibilities as the vehicle that will help them achieve their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity (ILWE) goals.

That’s why one of the most important steps in the Franchisematch.com process is Step 3 – Industries. We show nearly 50 different industries for our visitors to consider, and provide a few sentences to explain what each industry entails. In the 10+ year history of FranchiseMatch.com, we’ve found that showing this list of franchise categories or business industries, people think about the opportunities that exist within particular sectors of our economy, without putting “brands” or specific companies at the forefront of their discovery. After 35 years of helping thousands of people become business owners, The Entrepreneur’s Source coaching network has found that the more open minded a client is to a variety of business possibilities, the more likely we are to find them a successful Franchise Match!

When you are ready to explore the possibilities of self-sufficiency , start with an open mind, then click here to take the first step with FranchiseMatch.com!

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