When it comes to some public perceptions of franchises, frequently local franchisees find themselves in a challenging position. The name above your shop or restaurant, the logo on your employees uniforms, and the way they answer the phone, are all proven business methods that were determined by the company that awarded you a franchise license. It is absolutely your business, but you’ve entered into an agreement to represent a well-recognized brand in your local town. And while there may be many independently owned businesses in your city, sometimes you are overlooked as a “local” or small business owner because of that well-known name over your door.

So what happens tomorrow, November 30th, on Small Business Saturday? This annual event, sponsored by the American Express Company, truly represents an opportunity for the hundreds of thousands of franchisees in the United States to convey that they are, indeed, small and local business owners. A franchisee chooses to align with a franchise company and pay an upfront fee to have a greater chance at success with business systems that have been proven previously by others. But your local franchisees are still taking part with chamber of commerce events, fundraising sponsorships, and they are obviously responsible for employing local residents as well. According to some recent statistics, franchisees across the United States employ more than eight million people!

Terry Powell, founded The Entrepreneur’s Source in 1984, and FranchiseMatch.com in 2008, and encourages us to remember that local franchise businesses are small businesses too!

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