It’s nearly impossible to believe, but the book released by The Entrepreneur’s Source in 2014, Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome, celebrated it’s fifth year on Amazon just last week!

This publication was a collective effort of more than 100 coaches who are part of The Entrepreneur’s Source, and have helped tens of thousands of clients on their Journey of Discovery, since Terry Powell founded the company in 1984. Today, as we sit just days away from a brand new decade, 2014 seems like a long time ago, yet the timeless advice about the Battered Career Syndrome® seems more relevant than every before. But our on-going commitment as coaches, as explained with the Dedication we published, clearly explains our attention to our coaching clients;

Courageous people who have made their dreams come true by taking the paths less traveled. You inspire us every day.

Dedication from Your Career 2.0: A Survival Guide for The Battered Career and Investor Syndrome.

To the thousands of people who’ve purchased our book, and courageously followed the coaching advice of your Entrepreneur’s Source coach – we sincerely thank you. Being an adult, and being coached are not necessarily easy for most. But our on-going success, as we celebrate our 35th year in business, is completely due to the fact that so many of you found your Primary Aim and success as well.

If you still feel like you are a victim of the Battered Career Syndrome, we’ll make two suggestions as a New Year approaches:

# 1. Pick up our book and re-read it. It’s just 128 pages, so take a couple hours during your holiday break and enjoy it.

#2. Contact Your Coach: It’s the holidays, so why not reach out and wish them well and see if you can schedule some time for a complimentary coaching session.

If you were never actually assigned a TES Coach previously, take one simple step right now and Start the FranchiseMatch.com survey. By completing the process, and including your contact details, an Alternative Career Coach from The Entrepreneur’s Source will be assigned to you and support you through your Journey of Discovery.

Could there be a better way to start your New Year?

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