A stay-at-home mom and a utility operations manager discovered a path to self-sufficiency with The Entrepreneur’s Source®.

TES specializes in Career Ownership Coach™ designed to help people achieve the American dream. Jaime Drescher spent a number of years managing life on the home front and spearheading the homeschooling of her four children, while her husband Matt Drescher worked as an operations manager at a coal-fired utility plant. Matt enjoyed his management job, but he saw the writing on the wall. As people focus more on environmentally friendly solutions, the utility industry is slowly turning away from coal, putting Matt’s future in jeopardy. At the same time, Jaime wanted to reenter the workforce. She was frustrated at the lack of flexibility and opportunities for someone with a large gap in their resume.

“After being out of the workforce for so many years, I knew I wasn’t going to find something that would work around my schedule. I knew that whatever I was going to get paid wasn’t going to make it worth it for me as an employee,” Jaime said.

Victor Markell, a Career Ownership Coach™ with TES, contacted the Becker, Minnesota-based couple to offer career coaching at no cost. TES coaches provide education-based, personalized coaching to help people discover self-sufficiency and financial freedom. Coaches guide people toward a point of clarity and a place of self-assuredness to help them feel more confident about their future. TES coaches help people explore if they want to pursue entrepreneurship, invest in a franchise, or find a new role in the corporate world.

“I like the TES approach. I like the way our coaches take people on a journey at their own pace. Our role as coaches is more of a mentoring relationship that focuses on listening to people talk themselves through a problem. We encourage people to pick a path for themselves,” Markell said.

After spending more than 20 years serving the citizens of the United States in the Army, Markell took a job in factory management. His new role left him feeling battered and bruised. Wanting a future where he could be present as a father, Markell discovered the possibility of helping people discover a new path. He started his coaching career in January and appreciates the support he receives from his peers. Markell meets regularly with other coaches to exchange best practices and exchange ideas.

“I’ve enjoyed a great deal of support from the six or seven of us that went to training at the same time. We get together and talk amongst ourselves and compare notes and help each other through different experiences,” he added.

A stay-at-home mom and a utility operations manager discover a path to self-sufficiency.

Coaching Reveals Franchise Advantage

Initially, Markell worked with the Dreschers to help them discover their Income, Lifestyle, Wealth, and Equity™ goals. In addition to building a legacy for their family, the couple wanted an opportunity that would turn a profit quickly and eventually allow them to take on management roles. They also needed a low-investment, home-based business that offered work-life balance and flexibility. Markell introduced the Drescher’s to business investment opportunities in the franchising industry.

“Initially, we didn’t consider franchising or business ownership because we didn’t want the responsibility of renting retail space or running a restaurant,” Matt said. “Vic [Markell] opened our eyes to the numerous opportunities in franchising, and it made sense. We needed the security of having a structure and support system. I don’t think we would’ve considered opening a business without having a roadmap in place.”

After carefully reviewing their options of returning to a job or starting a new business, Matt and Jaime wanted to invest in franchising by opening Kitchen Wise. Kitchen Wise is a home-based business opportunity that offered Jaime the flexibility she craved and will give Matt the potential to replace, or even double, his existing salary. The franchise offers intelligent customized solutions to help customers maximize space and improve organization. Its products and services are designed to enhance the home life experience while maximizing space, efficiency and value. The couple recently completed three weeks of training and is ready to launch their new business at the beginning of January. Matt plans to continue working at the utility plant until their new future starts to rocket.

“Matt and Jaime share a vision of building opportunities for their children, and creating additional options for themselves,” Markell said.

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