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  1. Multi-Unit Franchising Growth Trends

    May 25th, 2022

    Earlier this month, our blog post titled “Do You Have a Multi-Unit Mindset” truly struck a chord with many visitors to FranchiseMatch.com. We are truly hopeful that article, and this one as well, might get a few more people to think about franchising as less about replacing an unsatisfying job or dead-end career and more […]

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  2. Do you have a Multi-Unit Mindset™?

    May 9th, 2022

    Adopting a Multi-Unit Mindset™ allows you to capitalize on the business skills honed during your corporate career but instead of making someone else rich, you unleash your unlimited growth potential and the financial freedom that comes with being your own boss. “Taking time to discover your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals can help you […]

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  3. Are All Your Eggs in One Employer’s Basket?

    April 11th, 2022

    Steve Metzler, a Career Ownership Coach™ for The Entrepreneur’s Source®, recently helped a client Eric discover a new path to diversify his income and achieve financial freedom. Eric spent more than 20 years holding various leadership roles in sales at foodservice companies, including a 17-year tenure for a gourmet snack and nut company in Cincinnati, Ohio. […]

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  4. Career Crossroads Coaching Podcast

    March 7th, 2022

    Damon Trout relied on career ownership coaching to create a new opportunity that allows him to achieve his retirement goals. Trout spent more than 20 years working in sales, training, and business development, including senior roles at LG Electronics and BSH Home Appliance. He was at a crossroads in his career and felt defeated as […]

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  5. Ready to Explore a New Path?

    February 7th, 2022

    During an extended crossroads in her career, Anja Wenzel discovered a new path that would provide financial freedom and allow her to pursue her passion. Anja spent more than 30 years working at a small company in the travel industry that specializes in connecting hotels with international tour operators. New management and the pandemic outbreak […]

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