While the majority of adults consider business ownership one of the best ways to achieve wealth and income goals, many never make the connection to franchising. Some adults may think of only the restaurant sector for franchising. But the reality is that there are proven business system for nearly every industry or sector of business.

Let’s start with a good definition of “franchising” direct from BusinessDictionary.com:

When someone becomes a franchisee for any proven business system, they clearly gain many advantages in exchange for a one-time franchise fee and an on-going percentage of revenue, called a royalty. Those advantages will vary from business to business, but as outlined above, the primary benefit of a franchise is mentioned in the first sentence – “business systems and processes”. A franchise offers people a way of conducting some business function that has been proven to be successful in other markets and with other franchisees.

Speaking of other franchisees, that’s another benefit of franchising that is missing from the six listed above. While the franchiser does provide ongoing help and support with products and systems (#6), this misses the franchise network support system. A new franchisee benefits by having tens, hundreds or thousands of other franchisees, who have followed the same exact procedures to open the exact same businesses. Compared to starting your own independent business, a franchise means you never have to reinvent the business wheel because support is provided by the franchise team, and an entire network of franchisees who know exactly what you will go through and can easily offer helpful suggestions along the way.

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