We’ve all heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” and we understand the meaning behind this old adage. All species, humans included, tend to get set in their ways and stick to the habits that have helped them survive and thrive. But when it comes to actually growing as adults, exploring new options and being more accountable to your future, what does it really take to be a mature, “coachable” adult?

With a network of nearly 150 alternative career coaches across North America, The Entrepreneur’s Source organization (TES), as a whole, provides coaching to thousands of adults every year to help them explore the many benefits of self-sufficiency through franchise business ownership. With 35 years of experience, we’ve found a few traits that we believe are truly helpful for those who seek to make changes for themselves and their families:

  1. Keep an Open Mind: As adults we believe we are expected to always have a plan, a strategy, an answer, and a direction that is aligned with our beliefs, our ego and past experiences. But what happens when we tread into territory that we have little or zero experience with? Not only is that the point where coaching makes the most sense, but it’s also the point where it’s okay to say “I really don’t know”. A strong coach can provide you with resources and information that can raise your awareness, and yet still hold you accountable to your overall goals and objectives. One of the very first things an Entrepreneur’s Source coach will establish is your ILWE goals, which represents your Income, Lifestyle, Wealth and Equity goals. These will always be at the core of the coaching services they provide to each TES Client.
  2. Proactive Feedback: As outlined in this recent Forbes article titled, How Coachable Are You? 5 Quick Ways To Improve, one of their top tactics is to ask for feedback. We’ve found that asking for feedback is fairly common, and easy to do, but the more complex and fruitful aspect of this tactic is the second part; “Ensure you understand the feedback”. Restating what you heard from the feedback, and putting it into terms that you can understand, identify and take action on is key to a successful feedback loop. Have you ever had someone ask you a question and then it was clear they weren’t listening to your answer? Whereas if you are able to restate how you interpreted the feedback, it gives both parties the ability to collaborate better and be much more constructive in moving the coaching process forward, and making true progress.
  3. Respect Those Who’ve Done “It” Before: Would you read a “how to repair your own car” book from an author who’s never owned a set of tools? What about “how to potty train your dog” from someone who’s never had a pet dog? The same concept is true for coaching. Once you’ve confirmed the legitimacy of your coach, it’s important to treat them with the respect, and be responsive when they reach out to help you accomplish your most important professional or personal goals.

One of the best ways to initiate your alternative career coaching process with The Entrepreneur’s Source is start with Step One on FranchiseMatch.com. By completing this five-step survey, you’ll automatically be connected to a complimentary TES Coach who will help you identify your ILWE goals and provide additional resources to help raise your awareness of opportunities. Franchise Match is one of many tools used by TES Coaches to help Clients in their discovery process.